We are guided by four measures....



Intellectual Curiosity

Team Dynamic

Strategic Planning

Value Creation

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Our vision for delivering deep insight and unbiased market intelligence has evolved into a business that offers our clients a range of tailored solutions that custom fit their needs.

Flannery Consulting Corp is a boutique management consulting firm that helps our clients during periods of dramatic change.  We believe that working with your team in a positive and motivational environment will lead to actionable recommendations that will address your most critical needs.

Our proven methodology of organizational assessment, internal and external research, strategy development and implementation is the cornerstone of success.

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Thomas Flannery

Thomas Flannery is the Founder and Managing Partner at Flannery Consulting.  Prior to Flannery Consulting, Thomas held roles with increasing responsibility in Equity Capital Markets on Wall Street.  Over that period, Thomas distinguished himself as an expert in driving optimized profitability while ensuring the highest quality of customer satisfaction for business lines accessing equity markets outside the U.S. for both, bulge bracket and boutique investment banks.  He specialized in non-dollar regional hubs, specifically LATAM, Canada, UK, Developed and Emerging Europe, Asia, Japan and Australian markets.  Throughout his career, he developed key strategic and working relationships across Research, ECM, IBK, Portfolio Trading, Algorithmic Trading and Technology Development as well as Compliance and Regulatory Agencies in both the U.S. and overseas to deliver significant enterprise value. 

Thomas graduated from St. Peters College with a B.S. in business management.  He has held positions at Credit Suisse, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, DLJ and Santander as well as executive roles across several smaller private companies.

IMG_3108.jpg Greg Picc headshot

Greg Piccininno

Executive Consultant

Greg is a Wall Street veteran with senior roles in Equity Capital Markets in both the US and in Brazil. Greg has managed award winning sales teams and distinguished himself as a key player in connecting Companies with Institutional Asset Managers in the vetting, coordinating, and execution of transactions in the equity IPO and FO markets. Greg currently holds a number of Independent Board Member seats in various industries including Petrobras Disribuidora and Investmind. He participates on the Risk & Strategy and Minority Shareholder Committees as part of those roles.

Greg holds an M.B.A. from London Business School, a B.S. from Northeastern University. He is currently a Master Candidate at NYU in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. He has held positions at Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Citibank.

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Andres Corpuz

Executive Consultant

Andre brings over 25 years of business experience from various roles on Wall Street and financial services. Over that time Andre’s responsibilities have included trading, relationship management, product and business development, as well as business strategy. His expertise in trading and structuring financial instruments has fostered long-term relationships in the financial services industry. The combination of a risk management background matched with business development skills and operational experience has given Andre unique perspectives to identifying risks, opportunities and developing or implementing successful strategies.

Andre graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in Economics. He has held positions at Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Swiss Re, and Wilshire Associates as well as senior roles with a number of asset managers and financial service companies.

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Jeff Mahalik

Executive Consultant

Jeff brings 25 years business experience from various roles in both Sports Management and on Wall Street.  Over that time, Jeffs responsibilities within sales, trading and operational business structures as well as his expertise in planning and implementation of disciplined expense strategies distinguishes him as a specialist in Business Strategy and Cost Optimization.

Jeff graduated from Temple University with a Master’s degree in Sports Administration and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.    He has held positions with CLSA, The Philadelphia Eagles, NY Sports Club and Cardio Fitness Centers in addition to being a successful franchise operator/owner.


Companies look to make informed decisions based on the most relevant information available. In our age of social networking, search engines and limitless communications, the problem isn't too little information and too few resources...   but rather to make sense of all that is available. 


Outside Perspective

Often times companies are "too close" to their problems and may overlook obvious solutions or want a sounding board to confirm their thoughts on a solution.

A new set of eyes on a problem often brings different and innovative ideas to the table.

Extra hands.jpeg

Extra Hands

Every Company has issues that are critically important but sometimes they don't have the manpower to focus on them and a new hire to fill the gap doesn't always make sense.

We serve as temporary, highly skilled resource so you don't need to reprioritize your current workforce.


Specialized Skills

Our clients are good at what they do... but frequently have projects that require special skills that may not exist in house.

We provide our clients access to industry thought leaders with specialized skill sets tailored to meet those needs.


Unbiased Opinion

Often when companies are working on a challenging issue or a controversial project, it can be difficult to take necessary actions without getting mired in emotions or politics.

We provide unbiased opinions and action plans.

Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it...   and when it comes you must have the ability to take advantage of it.  

Whether it is organizing a confidential conversation with an industry veteran or doing a deep dive review of a business strategy, we help our clients recognize the full value of their assets and the opportunities that present themselves.

Industry Expert (stand out in crowd)

Industry Experts

We offer our clients confidential meetings with industry experts who bring unique insights to the table.  For a company looking to make informed decisions we provide the human capital necessary to achieve results.

Stratigic Review (clock gears)

Strategic Review

We offer our clients a comprehensive review of what is and what is not working inside their organization.  We work with your team to implement adjustments that will increase overall performance.

Advisory board

Advisory Board

We provide our clients the services of industry thought leaders to contribute their expertise in collaboration with boards, committees and task forces on industry-wide initiatives and strategy implementation.


Expense Control

We provide expense reduction services in telecom, merchant services and shipping  in North America to businesses,  educational institutions, and non-profits.  The services are risk-free – clients incur no out-of-pocket expenses.

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Each individual, each team and each organization has its own unique set of challenges and goals.  Recognizing this, Flannery Consulting offers a set of tools that provide a wide range of potential applications to help your organization attain its goals.

The best way to know if our programs meet your needs is to schedule a consultation.